Old Parish Records

Finding your ancestors and relations

These pages cover Flotta and Fara/Pharay births 1840-1854, Flotta and Fara/Pharay marriages 1845-1854, and Walls Deaths 1823-1844 and can be searched by name or by date.

I have transcribed the records as written. Entrys marked with a star * are of uncertain transcription, three dots … indicate sentences left incomplete by the minister. I have changed all superscript letters (those letters written half the size of normal letters) to normal case as in: 4th and Mckay and Febry. Comments by myself are in italics. I have assumed that the year, written at the top of every page of the original baptism records is the birth year, and not the baptism year, and have added this to the beginning of every entry to avoid confusion.


5 thoughts on “Old Parish Records

  1. I am very interested in your site. My father was born on Flotta in Goldhaugh Cottage beside the current post office. His mother was a Maria Sutherland whose father I believe was a tailor by trade but I am not sure. I did visit Flotta a number of years ago and found the cottage (Now in Ruins ) and visited the church.

    I am interested in my family tree and would be delighted if you could point me in the right direction

    Best Regards

    Peter C Robertson FRICS

    • Hi Peter,
      There are a lot of Sutherlands on Flotta. But a quick look on the 1901 census and this might be your family:
      Whanclett John Sutherland head, age 42, Tailor, wife Margaret, age 38, John, son, 11, James T, age 10, Daniel age 7, Maria S, age 5. Daniel and Maria were born at St Andrews. I think that’s a parish in Orkney? You can buy the 1901 census transcript from the Orkney Family History Society. You can buy birth and marriage certificates from ScotlandsPeople
      You could also put your family connections on the Flotta Web Guide messageboard,

  2. Hi,

    In the early 70s my parents and I lived in a cottage called Heather Cow-root on Flotta. I was very young at the time and we left when I was about 4 years old. I was trying to find the location of the cottage on google maps without success (I expect it’s been rebuilt since then). We’re going to visit Orkney next week, and it would be good to revisit the cottage location if it’s still there. If you know where it is that would be great!



    • Hi
      Heather Cow Root is still there and lived in and we saw it a few weeks ago on a brief visit to Flotta. My husband worked on Flotta in the 70s and I visited a few times. We met your parents and remember you as a toddler but I thought you had a different name. Don’t want to leave my email here but I can be contacted via Facebook. We live in Berkshire

      Jackie Mulvey

    • That’s funny, my great, great grandmother Margaret Sutherland lived in heathercrow root 1 based on the 1861 census. She was 5 years old. Her father was James Sutherland and her mother was Margaret Norquay Sutherland. I am going there in September 2020 and maybe look for the same place

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