Deaths – 1835-1839

‘Walls deaths 1823-1854’ transcribed, from FHL BRITISH microfilm 990517, by Roslyn Chapman before Sep 2005.

1835 – WALLS

SUTHERLAND, Janet; died by bodily weakness; aged 74 years; 1835 February 16th
BRUCE, Elizabeth; died by cough and asthma; aged 78 years; 1835 April 12th
SUTHERLAND, William; died by consumption; aged 58 years; 1835 May 18th
NICHOLSON, John; died by disease unknown; aged 40 years; 1835 May 18th
CLERK, Jean; died in childbed; aged 46 years; 1835 June 14th
NICHOLSON, John; died by water; aged 68 years; 1835 August 4th
BERSTON, Peter; died by water; aged 38 years; 1835 August 4th
BAIN, Margaret; died by a disease unknown; aged 40 years; 1835 September 30th
McKAY, Besy; died by fever; aged 56 years; 1835 October 10th
McKAY, Barbra; died by fever; aged 26 years; 1835 October 28th
McKENZIE, John; died at the south rocks, drowned; aged 24 years; 1835 November 12th
McLEOD, Mary Ann; died by consumption; aged 11 months; 1835 December 6th
RICH, James; died by old age; aged 80 years; 1835 December 10th

1836 – WALLS

THOMSON, Isabella; died by palsey; aged 84 years; 1836 February (possibly January) 20th
SABESTON, John; died by a bowel complaint; aged 75 years; 1836 March 10th
WILSON, Margaret; aged 84 years; 1836 March 20th
WILSON, Charles; died on the passage from Stromness; aged 34 years; 1836 April 10th
SWANSON, William; died on the passage from Stromness; aged 34 years; 1836 April 10th
CONSTABLE, James; died on the passage from Stromness; aged 66 years; 1836 April 10th
SWANSON, Isabella; by bodily weakness; aged 98 years; 1836 April 24th
MOAR, Joseph; by suicide; aged 72 years; 1836 May 4th
CROMARTY, William; by consumption; aged 18 years; 1836 May 16th
NICHOLSON, Janet; by a boilous complaint; aged 76 years; 1836 September 10th
MOWAT, Hannah; by consumption; aged 44 years; 1836 September 14th
FLETT, Donald; by supposed accident; aged 13 years; 1835 September 20th
CORRIGILL, Abram; by water at the fishing rocks; aged 48 years; 1836 December 12th

1837 – WALLS

WILSON, Margaret; by typus fever; aged 14 years; 1837 January 5th
McKAY, Katharine; by influenza; aged 78 years; 1837 January 15th
SUTHERLAND, George; by consumption; aged 18 years; 1837 January 16th
MOWAT, William; by influenza; aged 86 years; 1837 January 29th
HEDDLE, John; by influenza; aged 61 years; 1837 January 36th (possibly 30th)
SUTHERLAND, Henry; by influenza; aged 56 years; 1837 February 3rd
ANDERSON…; by hooping cough; aged …; 1837 March 2nd
CROMARTY, …; by hooping cough; aged 21 years; 1837 March 18th
WRIGHT, James; of fever; aged 20 years; 1837 March 22nd
BRUCE, Margt; by consumption; aged 59 years; 1837 March 26th (or maybe 28th)
MACLOMSON, Chirstie; by old age; aged 87 years; 1837 April 12th(?)
BAIKIE, Magnus; by influenza; aged 75 years; 1837 April 14th
WILSON, John; by the suffering endured at Dr(?) Straits(?); aged 19 years 6 months; 1837 May 4th
WALTER, Alex; by infirmity and old age; aged 87 years; 1837 June 3rd
SHEARER, Margaret; by hooping cough; aged 2 years 5 months; 1837 June 4th
HEDDLE, Samuel; by fever; aged 24 years; 1837 August 27th
GRAY, Ann; by fever; aged 36 years; 1837 August 29th
CROMARTY, Katharine; by old age; aged 92 years; 1837 August 29th
ROBSON, William; by fever, aged 60 years; 1837 September 6th
LOW, Ernest; by fever; aged 63 years; 1837 September 8th
CORMACK, James; by consumption; aged 40 years; 1837 September 13th
GRAY, Chirstie; by cancer; aged 84 years; 1837 October 25th
McKAY, Hugh; by a kidney complaint; aged 72 years; 1837 November 2nd
LINKLATER, Ann; by jandice; aged 81 years; 1837 November 10th
OMAND, Francy(?); by bowel knott; aged 23 years; 1837 November 24th
NICHOLSON, Isabella; by fever; aged 58 years; 1837 December 18th

1838 – WALLS

MALCOMSON, Hugh; by stomach complaint; aged 74 years 4 months; 1838 January 22nd
BALANTINE, Osleus(?); by old age; aged 86 years; 1838 February 8th
CROMARTY, Magnus; by fever; aged 62 years; 1838 March 2nd
CROMARTY, Elspet; by dropsy; aged 58 years; 1838 March 18th
BAIN, Betty; by complication of diseases; aged 45 years; 1838 March 24th
TAYLOR, Cecelia; aged 65 years; 1838 May 23rd
CROMARTY, Isabella; by asmatic complaint; aged 64 years; 1838 May 24th
WILSON, Isabella; by consumption; aged 28 years; 1838 October 20th

1839 – WALLS

NICHOLSON, Thomas; by influenza, aged 65 years; 1839 March 3rd
BURNIE, James; by consumption; aged …; 1839 March 3rd
CORNER, Chirstie; by asthma; aged 82 years; 1839; March 10th
KIRKNESS, Thos; by a disease unknown; aged 72 years; 1839 April 8th
SINCLAIR, Jean; by nervous disease; aged 42 years; 1839 June 7th
SMITH, Catharine; by palsy; aged 40 years; 1839 June 17th
CROMARTY, Chirstie; by rhumatism; aged 65 years; 1839 July 10th
SWANSON, John; by gravel; aged 57 years; 1839 July 24th
SUTHERLAND, Alex; by small pox; aged 45 years; 1839 August 25th
CORRIGILL, James; by dropsy; aged 85 years; 1839 September 6th
BRUCE, Alex; by decay of nature; aged 88 years; 1839 November 3rd
BURNIE, Elspet; suddenly on the night; aged 62 years; 1839 November 6th
OMAND, Hugh; by arecipulus; aged 7 years; 1839 November 7th
NICHOLSON, Peggy; by gravel; aged 68 years; 1839December 7th
THOMSON, John; by decay of nature; aged 92(?) years; 1839 December 26th

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