Deaths – 1830-1834

‘Walls deaths 1823-1854’ transcribed, from FHL BRITISH microfilm 990517, by Roslyn Chapman before Sep 2005.

1830 – WALLS

OMAND, Elizabeth; died by a dropsy; aged 63 years 7 months; 1830 January 3rd
FLETT, Isabella; died of bodily weakness; aged 2 weeks; 1830 January 5th
MURDOCK, John; died by a disease unknown; aged 70 years; 1830 January 18th
BRUCE, Cecilia; died by a consumption; aged 67 years; 1830 February 18th
JOHNSTON, John; died by old age; aged 80 years; 1839 April 15th
SMITH, Margaret; died in child bed; aged 25; 1830 June 16th
SMITH, (infant daughter of above); 1830 June 16th
THOMSON, Margt; died by old age; aged 80 years; 1830 June 18th (possibly 16th)
ROBSON, Jean, died by the administration of a mistaken medicine; aged 8 years; 1830 June 22nd
WOOD, Cecilia; died by the jandies; aged 87 years; 1830 September 23rd
WILSON, James; died by old age; aged 82 years; 1830 November 7th

1831 – WALLS

GRAY, John; died in the snow, by loseing his road; aged 62 years 6 months; 1831 February 1st
SHEARER, Jessie; died by the hooping cough; aged 3 years 6 months; 1831 April 6th
SHEARER, Betsy; died by the hooping cough; aged 10 months; 1831 April 16th
LINKLATER, no christian name; died of hooping cough; aged 3 years; 1831 May 10th
BREMNER, Isabella; died by old age; aged 84 years; 1831 November 10th
BRUCE, Jennet; died by consumption; aged 72 years; 1831 November 12th
GRAY, Katharine; died by old age; aged 78 years; 1831 November 26th

1832 – WALLS

MOWAT, Margaret; died by old age; aged 87 years; 1832 April 16th
TAYLOR, Elizabeth; died by consumption; aged 56 years; 1832 May 12th
DUFFIE, William; died by a fever; aged 18 years; 1832 July 2nd
CALDER(?), Elizabeth; died by a complication of disease; aged 48 years; 1832 December 8th
THOMSON, Jacobinna; died by reason of old age; aged 94 years; 1832 December 12th
NICHOLSON, Chirstie; died by a cancer in the breast; aged 69 years; 1832 December 14th

1833 – WALLS

McPHERSON, John; died by dropsy and other causes; aged 66 years; 1833 January 24th
THOMSON, Chirstie; died by dropsy; aged 85 years; 1833 March 12th
HAMELTON, Gavin, infant son of Rev Zachary, minister of Walls; died in consequence of having been overlaid; aged 2 years; 1833 March 22nd
THOMSON, Katharine; died by asthma; aged 75 years; 1833 April 4th
STOUTT, Margaret; died by complication of troubles; aged 52 years (possibly 32?); 1833 May 2nd
McKAY, Jean; died by dropsy; aged 45 years; 1833 May 18th
McLEOD, Hugh; died by dropsy; aged 88 yeas; 1833 June 7th
THOMSON, Edward; died in consequence of a gathering in the side; aged 61 years; 1833 December 16th

1834 – WALLS

CROMARTY, Ellen; died by asthma; aged 68 years; 1834 January 10th
McDONALD, Margaret; aged 78 years; 1834 February 18th
MALCOMSON, Jean; aged 72 years; 1834 February 24th
CHALMERS, Margaret; aged 96 years; 1834 March 3rd
MOODIE, Elizabeth; aged 84 years; 1834 March 10th
SMITH, Margaret; aged 60 years; 1834 March 23rd
WRIGHT, Jessie; died by a nervous disorder; aged 18 years; 1834 June 22nd
CROMARTY, Elizabeth; died by a complaint in the bowels; aged 78 years; 1834 August 24th
CROMARTY, Elizabeth; died by asthma; aged 80 years; 1834 October 17th
GROAT, Samuel; died by the small pox; aged 20 years; 1834 October 24th
GROAT, James; died by the small pox; aged 3 months; 1834 October 28th
THOMSON, William; died by consumption; aged 56 years; 1834 November 16th
WRIGHT, Mary; died by weakness; aged …; 1834 December 11th
LINKLATER, Isabella; died by asthmatic; aged 76 years; 1834 December 24th

2 thoughts on “Deaths – 1830-1834

  1. I could not find what I was looking for. According to birth records a james Calder was born on Nov. 10, in 1775 in Walls & Flotta to a John Calder and a Jean Sandison. James came to Canada to York Factory (Hudson Bay Co) around the turn of the century (1800). They say he married a native women and had around 5 children. He is supposed to have returned home in 1822. He apparently never went back to Canada. I was trying to find when and where he died. Also he must have left family in Scotland when he sailed to Canada? Maybe had more once he returned home to Scotland. We have traced his huge family in Canada and U,S.It would be interesting to find distant relatives in Scotland and where James passed away and when. Is Walls and Flotta the same place? My mother was a direct decendent of James about five generations away.

    • I never finished putting all the old parish records of death for Walls on the site but they are probably on the ScotlandsPeople website (pay to view), you might also try looking at their census records. Unfortunately there are no old parish death records for Flotta. I had a look on the 1839 unofficial census of Flotta but there were no Calders living there at that time. Personally I’ve never come across any Calders on Flotta so it might be more of a Walls name. The parish of Walls and Flotta comprise of the island of Flotta, and to the West – Walls, which is a peninsula of the island of Hoy.

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