The Scapa Flow Mystery – Fisherman Found (1929)


Mr John Sabiston, Little Curries, Flotta, Orkney, who was reported missing on Wednesday, was found lying in his small boat yesterday morning at Point of Ayre, Deerness, in a dazed condition. He could give no coherent statement as to what had occurred. A man in sea boots, who stated his name was Sabiston, landed from a small boat at Smogro, Orphir, on Wednesday, and after asking for a drink of water at a house in the vicinity left in his boat, stating he was going to Flotta. He was seen on Wednesday night off Hoxa Skerry, Scapa Flow. Where he had been from then until yesterday morning is a mystery.

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From The Scotsman, Friday 29th March 1929 – page 7. By kind permission of Scotsman Publications Ltd.

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