An Orkney Regatta (1937)

Monday, 6th September 1937.

A regatta at Flotta, Scapa Flow, resulted: –

Sprit sails – 1, Aval (W. Sutherland); 2, Newho (G. Barnett); 3, Wanclett (W. Sabiston); 4, Saraquoy (W. Sutherland.)

Lateen Sails – 1, Orback (M. Ross); 2, Damhou (J. Flett); 3, Millbank (P. Simpson); 4, Greenfly (W. Work.)

All-comers – 1, M. Ross; 2, G. Barnett; 3, R. Barnett; 4 W. Sutherland.

Rowing Men – 1, H. McBeath, J. Flett, R. Flett (cox); 2 W. Sutherland, M. Ross, J. Sutherland (cox); 3, D. Flett, W. Sutherland, E. Sutherland (cox.)

Women – 1, Mary Sutherland and Cecelia Work with Robert Flett as cox; 2, Ethel Rosie and Mary Rosie with Wm. Robertson as cox; 3, Lily Simpson and Annie McCaughey with H. McBeath as cox.


From The Scotsman, 6th September 1937, Monday, page 3. By kind permission of Scotsman Publications Ltd.

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