Orkney – Seven Lives Lost (1842)

A most melancholy accident occurred here last week. It appears that, on Thursday, the 3d instant, a boat went from the Island of Flotta to St Margaret’s Hope upon some business, and on their return in the evening; the wind blowing hard, with rain, when opposite the Stanger Head, Flotta, the boat swamped, and all on-board perished, consisting of three males and four females. The accident happened quite near to the shore. A boat put off to their assistance, but too late to save any of them. The boat was afterwards washed on shore, as was also one of the female bodies. Among the persons lost was a man named Malcolm Ross and his wife, of Flotta. One of the females has left seven children. These are the only particulars we could learn by the mail boat last Sunday, and we had no mail from Orkney since. – John o’Groat Journal.

From The Scotsman, 19th March 1842, Saturday, page 3. By kind permission of Scotsman Publications Ltd.

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