A New Look For The Flotta Web Guide

Posting articles on the old site was hard work due to laborious formatting. So last year I decided to make the leap to an easier WordPress site. For the last few months my worker bee brother Steve has been putting in the hours to come up with this (You can find more examples of his work at Cafe Shorts). There are still a few bugs to shake off, but this year I hope to share many of the photos and documents I have collected together as well as interesting items uncovered from the internet. I think it will be a lot easier for everyone to find articles I post using the new categories index on the right hand side and you can now post your comments/thoughts using the reply link below each article. Most of the content from the old site has been been transferred to the new site. The search box is now at the top of the page and the message board from the previous site can still be accessed on the right hand side. My dad John deserves special mention for keeping the Message board running these last few years, no easy task. The fantastic banner photographs are courtesy of Aileen and Harry Chapman.