Building the Oil Terminal, 1976

Special thanks to Keith Hill

Flotta has played a significant role over the years both in the development of the North Sea Oil fields and in the subsequent exploitation and landing of the oil reserves. Construction on the Flotta Oil Terminal started in 1974 and the terminal became fully operational in December 1976. Many people were involved in the two year construction, living on the island during its build.

Most have happy memories of their time on the island, enjoying the island lifestyle and their time in the Orkneys. One of those working on the island was Keith Hill who has kindly sent the pictures shown on this page.

Quote: “They were all taken in February 1976. Hope that some or all of the photos may be of interest to readers of your message board.

The Turrif Electrical team photo includes self (Keith Hill), on the left, Bill Darcy, and Willie Johnstone standing, and Tom Wainwright seated.”

Many thanks for your pictures Keith.

I’d be happy to hear from any other terminal workers and to receive your pictures and stories.

Views of Flotta 2008

My brother David and I spent a lovely day on Flotta on May 28th 2008. There was a thick cover of fog in the morning which lifted as the day went on, revealing Flotta in clear light and sunshine. It was a heavenly day, one we will never forget. Below are just some of the photographs that we took during the visit, and our recollections of the day.

All photographs courtesy of David and Singne Palmquist.


Special thanks to: Singne and David Palmquist British Columbia, Canada.
For more pictures from their day on Flotta visit their Flickr accounts: Singne and David.

Deaths – 1840-1844

‘Walls deaths 1823-1854’ transcribed, from FHL BRITISH microfilm 990517, by Roslyn Chapman before Sep 2005.

1840 – WALLS

McKINZIE, Henry; by decay of nature; aged 84 years; 1840 May 5th
McKINZIE, John; by asthma; aged 76 years; 1849 May 14th
CROMARTY, Elspet; by decay of nature; aged 88 years; 1840 May 23rd
BAIN, John; drowned at Brims; aged 76 years; 1840 October 22nd
McKAY, Angus; by a bowel knot at Wick; aged 40 years; 1840 October 28th
TAYLOR, Harriet; by catching fire; aged 3 years; 1840 October 30th
CAMBELL, Isabella; by hooping cough; aged 3 years(?) 4 months; 1840 December 14th
WILSON, James; by hooping cough; aged 3 years(?) 5 months; 1840 December 24th
MILLAR, Chirstie; by decay of nature; aged 92 years; 1840 December 30th
SANDISON, Euphan; by disease unknown; aged 45 years; 1840 December 31st

1841 – WALLS

(Deaths for 1841 and 1842 were jumbled in the original records – I may have the wrong year for the following individuals.)

ROBSON, William; by fire; aged 89 years; 1841 February 1st
NICOLSON, Thomas; from effects of fire burning; 1841 February 1st
SMITH, Isabell; decay of nature; aged 80 years; 1841 December 16th
GRAY, James; a child only a few days old; 1841 December  28th
SABESTON, Margaret; wife to John GRAY, tacksman, Rysa; of inflamation soon after delivery; 1841 December  31st
FORBES, Margaret; by decay of nature; relict of Jn NICOLSON; aged 81 years; 1841 December 31st
GROAT, John; of diabetes and other complaints; 31 years; 1841  July 2nd
BAIKIE, Cathrine; of cancer in the breast & consumption; aged 47 years; 1841 August 19th

1842 – WALLS

(Deaths for 1841 and 1842 were jumbled in the original records – I may have the wrong year for the following individuals.)

FORBES, Elisabeth; long bedrid, complication of diseases; aged 80 years; 1842 January 7th
SUTHERLAND, Anne; decay of nature; aged 78 years; 1842
OMAN, John; drowned at Swona; 1842 May 22nd
TAYLOR, William; from the effects of having suffered amputation of his right arm the same being shattered on the 1st by a gun accidentally going off; 1842 June 8th
BROTCHIE, George; decay of nature and pulmonary complaint; 1842 June 12th
BROTCHIE, Isabella; spouse to Samuel SUTHERLAND; of consumption; 1842 June 12th
CROMARTY, Thomas Fotheringham; of teething and other complaints; 1842 June 12th
MOODIE, Barbara; relict of James CORRIGILL, N Walls; of dropsy; 1842 August 27th
LEES, Captain Rodrick; of the Schooner ‘Brumby’ of Kirkwall by drowning at or near Breakness on the north side of Hoy Sound; 1842 November 9th
ROBERTSON, James; at the same time and melancholy occasion; a passenger (of the Schooner ‘Brumby’) thought to have died of cold and fatigue on the wreck at Breakness on the north side of Hoy Sound; 1842 November 9th
UNKNOWN; another man died on the wreck (of the Schooler ‘Brumby’) along with J ROBESON but neither a native or residenter in this place; 1842 November 9th

1843 – WALLS

FIDDLER, John; by decay of nature; aged 80 years
WISHART, James Mowat; of measels; aged 5 weeks; 1843 March 15th
WILSON, John; decay of nature; aged 68 years; 1843 March 25th
SUTHERLAND, John; decay of nature; aged 89 years; 1843 April 1st
CANTLY(?), Nathaniel; outpensioner and upwards of eighteen years gardener at Melsetter House; of inflamation of the kidneys and bladder; he was a native of Gallowayshire; 1843 May 23rd
BRUCE, William; of dropsy and other complaints; aged 75 years 4 months; 1843 August 5th
TAYLOR, Chirsty; consumption of the lungs; aged 79 years; 1843 December 18th

1844 – WALLS

McKINZIE, Malcom; decay of nature; many years an Elder in this Church; aged 95 years; 1844 January 26th
LINKLETTER, Isabell; of consumption of the lungs; aged 17 years 7 months; 1844 March 27th
CORRIGILL, Donald; of asthma and other complaints; 70 years; 1844 April 10th
CROMARTY, William; of complaint in the chest; 1844 May 14th
SIMPSON, Mary alias ANDERSON; of consumption; aged 22 years; 1844 July 22nd
McLEOD, Ann; of bowel complaint; aged 65 years; 1844 July 22nd
MOWAT, Jacobina; of bowel complaint; 1844 July 22nd
NICOLSON, Margaret; by decay of nature; 1844 November 6th

Deaths – 1835-1839

‘Walls deaths 1823-1854’ transcribed, from FHL BRITISH microfilm 990517, by Roslyn Chapman before Sep 2005.

1835 – WALLS

SUTHERLAND, Janet; died by bodily weakness; aged 74 years; 1835 February 16th
BRUCE, Elizabeth; died by cough and asthma; aged 78 years; 1835 April 12th
SUTHERLAND, William; died by consumption; aged 58 years; 1835 May 18th
NICHOLSON, John; died by disease unknown; aged 40 years; 1835 May 18th
CLERK, Jean; died in childbed; aged 46 years; 1835 June 14th
NICHOLSON, John; died by water; aged 68 years; 1835 August 4th
BERSTON, Peter; died by water; aged 38 years; 1835 August 4th
BAIN, Margaret; died by a disease unknown; aged 40 years; 1835 September 30th
McKAY, Besy; died by fever; aged 56 years; 1835 October 10th
McKAY, Barbra; died by fever; aged 26 years; 1835 October 28th
McKENZIE, John; died at the south rocks, drowned; aged 24 years; 1835 November 12th
McLEOD, Mary Ann; died by consumption; aged 11 months; 1835 December 6th
RICH, James; died by old age; aged 80 years; 1835 December 10th

1836 – WALLS

THOMSON, Isabella; died by palsey; aged 84 years; 1836 February (possibly January) 20th
SABESTON, John; died by a bowel complaint; aged 75 years; 1836 March 10th
WILSON, Margaret; aged 84 years; 1836 March 20th
WILSON, Charles; died on the passage from Stromness; aged 34 years; 1836 April 10th
SWANSON, William; died on the passage from Stromness; aged 34 years; 1836 April 10th
CONSTABLE, James; died on the passage from Stromness; aged 66 years; 1836 April 10th
SWANSON, Isabella; by bodily weakness; aged 98 years; 1836 April 24th
MOAR, Joseph; by suicide; aged 72 years; 1836 May 4th
CROMARTY, William; by consumption; aged 18 years; 1836 May 16th
NICHOLSON, Janet; by a boilous complaint; aged 76 years; 1836 September 10th
MOWAT, Hannah; by consumption; aged 44 years; 1836 September 14th
FLETT, Donald; by supposed accident; aged 13 years; 1835 September 20th
CORRIGILL, Abram; by water at the fishing rocks; aged 48 years; 1836 December 12th

1837 – WALLS

WILSON, Margaret; by typus fever; aged 14 years; 1837 January 5th
McKAY, Katharine; by influenza; aged 78 years; 1837 January 15th
SUTHERLAND, George; by consumption; aged 18 years; 1837 January 16th
MOWAT, William; by influenza; aged 86 years; 1837 January 29th
HEDDLE, John; by influenza; aged 61 years; 1837 January 36th (possibly 30th)
SUTHERLAND, Henry; by influenza; aged 56 years; 1837 February 3rd
ANDERSON…; by hooping cough; aged …; 1837 March 2nd
CROMARTY, …; by hooping cough; aged 21 years; 1837 March 18th
WRIGHT, James; of fever; aged 20 years; 1837 March 22nd
BRUCE, Margt; by consumption; aged 59 years; 1837 March 26th (or maybe 28th)
MACLOMSON, Chirstie; by old age; aged 87 years; 1837 April 12th(?)
BAIKIE, Magnus; by influenza; aged 75 years; 1837 April 14th
WILSON, John; by the suffering endured at Dr(?) Straits(?); aged 19 years 6 months; 1837 May 4th
WALTER, Alex; by infirmity and old age; aged 87 years; 1837 June 3rd
SHEARER, Margaret; by hooping cough; aged 2 years 5 months; 1837 June 4th
HEDDLE, Samuel; by fever; aged 24 years; 1837 August 27th
GRAY, Ann; by fever; aged 36 years; 1837 August 29th
CROMARTY, Katharine; by old age; aged 92 years; 1837 August 29th
ROBSON, William; by fever, aged 60 years; 1837 September 6th
LOW, Ernest; by fever; aged 63 years; 1837 September 8th
CORMACK, James; by consumption; aged 40 years; 1837 September 13th
GRAY, Chirstie; by cancer; aged 84 years; 1837 October 25th
McKAY, Hugh; by a kidney complaint; aged 72 years; 1837 November 2nd
LINKLATER, Ann; by jandice; aged 81 years; 1837 November 10th
OMAND, Francy(?); by bowel knott; aged 23 years; 1837 November 24th
NICHOLSON, Isabella; by fever; aged 58 years; 1837 December 18th

1838 – WALLS

MALCOMSON, Hugh; by stomach complaint; aged 74 years 4 months; 1838 January 22nd
BALANTINE, Osleus(?); by old age; aged 86 years; 1838 February 8th
CROMARTY, Magnus; by fever; aged 62 years; 1838 March 2nd
CROMARTY, Elspet; by dropsy; aged 58 years; 1838 March 18th
BAIN, Betty; by complication of diseases; aged 45 years; 1838 March 24th
TAYLOR, Cecelia; aged 65 years; 1838 May 23rd
CROMARTY, Isabella; by asmatic complaint; aged 64 years; 1838 May 24th
WILSON, Isabella; by consumption; aged 28 years; 1838 October 20th

1839 – WALLS

NICHOLSON, Thomas; by influenza, aged 65 years; 1839 March 3rd
BURNIE, James; by consumption; aged …; 1839 March 3rd
CORNER, Chirstie; by asthma; aged 82 years; 1839; March 10th
KIRKNESS, Thos; by a disease unknown; aged 72 years; 1839 April 8th
SINCLAIR, Jean; by nervous disease; aged 42 years; 1839 June 7th
SMITH, Catharine; by palsy; aged 40 years; 1839 June 17th
CROMARTY, Chirstie; by rhumatism; aged 65 years; 1839 July 10th
SWANSON, John; by gravel; aged 57 years; 1839 July 24th
SUTHERLAND, Alex; by small pox; aged 45 years; 1839 August 25th
CORRIGILL, James; by dropsy; aged 85 years; 1839 September 6th
BRUCE, Alex; by decay of nature; aged 88 years; 1839 November 3rd
BURNIE, Elspet; suddenly on the night; aged 62 years; 1839 November 6th
OMAND, Hugh; by arecipulus; aged 7 years; 1839 November 7th
NICHOLSON, Peggy; by gravel; aged 68 years; 1839December 7th
THOMSON, John; by decay of nature; aged 92(?) years; 1839 December 26th

Deaths – 1830-1834

‘Walls deaths 1823-1854’ transcribed, from FHL BRITISH microfilm 990517, by Roslyn Chapman before Sep 2005.

1830 – WALLS

OMAND, Elizabeth; died by a dropsy; aged 63 years 7 months; 1830 January 3rd
FLETT, Isabella; died of bodily weakness; aged 2 weeks; 1830 January 5th
MURDOCK, John; died by a disease unknown; aged 70 years; 1830 January 18th
BRUCE, Cecilia; died by a consumption; aged 67 years; 1830 February 18th
JOHNSTON, John; died by old age; aged 80 years; 1839 April 15th
SMITH, Margaret; died in child bed; aged 25; 1830 June 16th
SMITH, (infant daughter of above); 1830 June 16th
THOMSON, Margt; died by old age; aged 80 years; 1830 June 18th (possibly 16th)
ROBSON, Jean, died by the administration of a mistaken medicine; aged 8 years; 1830 June 22nd
WOOD, Cecilia; died by the jandies; aged 87 years; 1830 September 23rd
WILSON, James; died by old age; aged 82 years; 1830 November 7th

1831 – WALLS

GRAY, John; died in the snow, by loseing his road; aged 62 years 6 months; 1831 February 1st
SHEARER, Jessie; died by the hooping cough; aged 3 years 6 months; 1831 April 6th
SHEARER, Betsy; died by the hooping cough; aged 10 months; 1831 April 16th
LINKLATER, no christian name; died of hooping cough; aged 3 years; 1831 May 10th
BREMNER, Isabella; died by old age; aged 84 years; 1831 November 10th
BRUCE, Jennet; died by consumption; aged 72 years; 1831 November 12th
GRAY, Katharine; died by old age; aged 78 years; 1831 November 26th

1832 – WALLS

MOWAT, Margaret; died by old age; aged 87 years; 1832 April 16th
TAYLOR, Elizabeth; died by consumption; aged 56 years; 1832 May 12th
DUFFIE, William; died by a fever; aged 18 years; 1832 July 2nd
CALDER(?), Elizabeth; died by a complication of disease; aged 48 years; 1832 December 8th
THOMSON, Jacobinna; died by reason of old age; aged 94 years; 1832 December 12th
NICHOLSON, Chirstie; died by a cancer in the breast; aged 69 years; 1832 December 14th

1833 – WALLS

McPHERSON, John; died by dropsy and other causes; aged 66 years; 1833 January 24th
THOMSON, Chirstie; died by dropsy; aged 85 years; 1833 March 12th
HAMELTON, Gavin, infant son of Rev Zachary, minister of Walls; died in consequence of having been overlaid; aged 2 years; 1833 March 22nd
THOMSON, Katharine; died by asthma; aged 75 years; 1833 April 4th
STOUTT, Margaret; died by complication of troubles; aged 52 years (possibly 32?); 1833 May 2nd
McKAY, Jean; died by dropsy; aged 45 years; 1833 May 18th
McLEOD, Hugh; died by dropsy; aged 88 yeas; 1833 June 7th
THOMSON, Edward; died in consequence of a gathering in the side; aged 61 years; 1833 December 16th

1834 – WALLS

CROMARTY, Ellen; died by asthma; aged 68 years; 1834 January 10th
McDONALD, Margaret; aged 78 years; 1834 February 18th
MALCOMSON, Jean; aged 72 years; 1834 February 24th
CHALMERS, Margaret; aged 96 years; 1834 March 3rd
MOODIE, Elizabeth; aged 84 years; 1834 March 10th
SMITH, Margaret; aged 60 years; 1834 March 23rd
WRIGHT, Jessie; died by a nervous disorder; aged 18 years; 1834 June 22nd
CROMARTY, Elizabeth; died by a complaint in the bowels; aged 78 years; 1834 August 24th
CROMARTY, Elizabeth; died by asthma; aged 80 years; 1834 October 17th
GROAT, Samuel; died by the small pox; aged 20 years; 1834 October 24th
GROAT, James; died by the small pox; aged 3 months; 1834 October 28th
THOMSON, William; died by consumption; aged 56 years; 1834 November 16th
WRIGHT, Mary; died by weakness; aged …; 1834 December 11th
LINKLATER, Isabella; died by asthmatic; aged 76 years; 1834 December 24th