Statistical Accounts of Walls and Flotta 1791-1799 and 1845

In 1791-1799 and in 1845 the church of Scotland compiled detailed accounts of every parish within the country. This included descriptions of a parish’s history, its natural resources, the chief employment of its parishioners, the state of education and the character of its people. As such it provides many interesting details about the island of Flotta. For instance, in 1791, Flotta church was described as having, ‘stood for many years without a roof’ and in 1845 as being, ‘tolerably comfortable, but too small for the population…’

You can now access the Statistical Accounts online.

To find the Statistical account of Walls and Flotta click on the link below, click on the parish list tab, choose the date, then county and parish.

For a more in depth description of the Statistical Accounts and how they came about, read Prof. Charles Withers article on the Edina website: