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An Example of Marriage

From The Orkneys and Shetland; Their Past and Present State by John R. Tudor. Published 1883. Chapter xxvi, The Orkneys – South Isles, pages 333-334.

opr marr An Example of MarriageFlotta for a long time was entirely dependent on the mother parish, Walls for spiritual ministrations; and though the minister was supposed to hold service there every third Sunday, owing to weather, the Flotteyans were often for weeks without a pastor. Under these circumstances, if a couple were in a hurry to be married, the bridegroom, accompanied by his best man, proceeded to the session clerk on the Saturday night, the day when the engagements were generally made, to give directions for the proclamation of the banns. On the following day (Sunday) the clerk, sexton, and a friend proceeded to the kirk, where the clerk gave out the banns, a ceremony which was repeated, as elsewhere, on the two following Sundays. The wedding seems generally to have taken place on a Thursday, and at the wedding-feast a sort of loving-cup was handed round called “the bride’s cog,” or ” leem.” Continue reading

New Community Website

Flotta now has two websites. Lurdy, Flotta is the blog of islander David Sinclair with particular focus on community news and events, the history of the island during WWI and WWII and the current construction of the new museum at Lurdy; from which his blog takes its name. If you want to visit the island, or are considering a permanent island view, his site is a must. There is a link to Ferry times and details of self catering/hostel accommodation. Recent posts include mention of the knitting of pants at the 1930s SWRI group (they’ll never come back into fashion) and coverage of the diamond jubilee celebrations. Be warned Willick likes to post too!

lurdy flotta 260x300 New Community Website

Mermaids, Sailor Ross and a Toast to Men and Maids

In 1974 Alan J Bruford visited Kirk, South Ronaldsay with his tape recorder. John was an archivist who worked for the School of Scottish Studies, set up to preserve Scottish/Gaelic heritage. He recorded songs and stories from John Dass of South Ronaldsay, and his brother-in-law Flottarian Norman Norquay (born 1903).  They sang “A Health to Every Man and Maid”, “Will I the Lum”, “A Shilling and a Clean Shirt” and “The Dark-Eyed Sailor”. Norman had heard “The Dark-Eyed Sailor” from John Sabiston of Flotta and the toasting song “A Health to Every Man and Maid” was written by a Hay man of Flotta.  Norman also recounted his sightings of a mermaid off the coast of Flotta, and a strange dog at the Head.

In previous years Alan had visited other Orcadians to collect their songs. In 1967 at Dounby, Sandwick, Ethel Findlater and Elsie Johnston sang “Andrew Ross” a ballad about a sailor from Flotta.  In 1971 he visited the village of Toab on Mainland Orkney and Auld Peter sang “The Painful Plough” which Peter had learnt from a Flottarian teacher and minister.

To listen to these recordings type Flotta into the search box of the Tobar an Dualchais/Kist o Riches website.

‘a collaborative project which has been set up to preserve, digitise, catalogue and make available online several thousand hours of Gaelic and Scots recordings. This website contains a wealth of material such as folklore, songs, music, history, poetry, traditions, stories and other information. The material has been collected from all over Scotland and beyond from the 1930s onwards.’

“A Health to Every Man and Maid” Was the composer James Hay the poet?

 John Dass & Norman Norquoy, “A Health to Every Man and Maid”, School of Scottish Studies
SA1974.70.A10, Tobar an Dualchais/Kist o Riches http://www.tobarandualchais.co.uk/fullrecord/39112/1